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Online Estimate Carpet Cleaning

 How much do you charge?

We have our "Online Deals" as well as a "Online Booking & Estimate Form" that will give you a pretty good idea of where the pricing will be.  Although, there are different carpet types, different soiling conditions, jobs that are easy to access, and those that are hard to access, and a whole host of other things that can affect the pricing. 

Typically, by using our Online Booking & Estimate Form, you should get fairly close on the price if you estimate it accurately, but we ALWAYS make sure to perform a walk-through with you to make sure we are taking care of all of your concerns and also matching your estimate with the actual conditions in the home.  After we perform our walk-through together, we will provide you with a "to-the-penny" price, and we can begin performing the cleaning service immediately upon your approval.
Per Room Carpet Cleaning Pricing

Why are you measuring wall-to-wall when half the carpet is covered with furniture?

Our prices are not based on the square feet of carpet we’re going to clean. The best deal we can provide to all of our customers is to provide pricing on a "PER ROOM" basis. 

Our room size limit is 250 sq ft, wall-to-wall, regardless of furniture in the room, and there is no square foot substitution allowed between rooms, and we do not allow for partial room cleaning with our "per room" pricing.  Rooms that measure over 250 sq ft will be counted as two (2) areas.  Rooms that were designed to be used as two rooms (i.e. Living Room / Dining Room Combos) will be counted as two areas.  

Our "per room" pricing is a proprietary formula to arrive upon our phenomenal pricing which also includes tons of freebies. The formula takes into account much more than just measurements, so we must adhere to the pricing and square feet limits as shown in our Online Deals and Online Booking and Estimate Form.  This pricing model allows us to provide the least amount of confusion and the best pricing possible to our customers.
Quick Dry Fans Carpet Cleaning

How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

This is a really great question and one we get ask a lot!  Drying is definitely as much a part of the cleaning process as any other step in our cleaning formula.  We try to get our dry times in the four to six hour range. We’ve had dry times as fast as an hour or two, or as long as 24 hours, depending on a number of conditions. Although, four to six hours is a good average to expect. We make sure that with our extra vacuum (dry) passes with our rotary machine as well as setting up our quick dry fans, that the drying process is off to the right start before we leave.  As always, it is important to keep the air moving in the home after we have left by using your air conditioning system to dehumidify the space.  It may be necessary to turn the A/C down a little bit in order to (not get it cold), but to keep the A/C running long enough so that it has time to pull the moisture out of the air, and consequently out of the carpet. 
When Ready To Schedule...

 How long before we can walk on it?

You are able  to walk on your carpet immediately. It won’t do anything to the carpet itself, although you do run the risk of getting it dirty if there is a lot of traffic back and forth. Even a tiny speck of dried mud on the bottom of your shoe can grow into a noticeable spot if it is tracked onto damp carpet. We just ask that if you do plan to walk onto damp carpet to use caution and common sense. We will leave a pair of high quality shoe covers for you that can be used to help protect damp carpet from re-soiling.

Do you roll out paper or something so we can walk on the carpet after it’s cleaned?

No, we don't. Covering up the carpet with paper, towels, or sheets will negatively affect the dry time. Also, paper, towels, etc. will pull out the protector we apply on every job. The encapsulant  protector needs to stay in the carpet where it belongs.  Again, we will leave a pair of shoe covers that you can wear if you need to walk on the carpet while still damp.

What do we need to do before you come?

It is helpful to make sure pets and children are in a safe and secure place.  We'll need full access to your two car driveway as our truck-mount machine has hoses that extend out of the side and requires the extra room.  Also, remove all breakables from the areas you want cleaned.  If you would like for us to clean carpet under furniture, please move any furniture before the technician arrives (note: we cannot wait for you to move furniture during the cleaning service).  If you would like for us to move furniture, it would be very helpful if you clear off items from any pieces of furniture you’d like for us to move (magazines, files, breakables).  Except for these few things, just put your feet up and we'll take care of the rest.

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  • Top Of The Line Equipment

    Powerful Truckmount Cleaning

Do we have to be home?

It is not required, although it always help to avoid misunderstandings with regards to what needs to be done.  Some of our customers are there at the start of service, but then leave and ask us to lock up and leave out of the garage.  So, that is also an option.  For example, one time we missed a small closet that was tucked behind the kitchen that we didn't even know was there. The homeowner wasn’t there to tell us someone dropped a can of sauce in there.  We went back later that evening to clean that up (no charge, of course), but it would have been nice to clean it all up on the first trip. So, if you can't be there, just leave us a detailed description of the work you want done and we'll call you to provide you with a "to-the-penny" price after we do our walk-through and take your credit card information for payment.

Can you leave an invoice?

Even for commercial work we prefer to be paid with a company credit card, but if you twist our arm we may provide you with an invoice. For residential work, payment is always due at the time of service,  preferably by cash or check, although we do accept all major credit cards.  

As always, our company policy has been that for unoccupied properties, move-ins or move-outs, rentals, apartments, etc., payment must be made by cash or credit card ONLY (no checks), and payment must be made before service has started. 

Why should we use you?

I’ll give you 10 quick reasons below, but as always, the #1 reason is for the people that work here at Babysoft (check out our About Us page).

  • Owner-Operated, with great technicians
  • You get our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • We are bonded and insured
  • We use quick dry fans on your carpet for faster drying.
  • Our encapsulant protector is included FREE!
  • Our phenomenal attention to detail (corners and edges are hand cleaned).
  • Deodorizer is included FREE!
  • We protect your walls, corners, and floors with mats, towels, and special guards.
  • We maintain & clean our tools and equipment every day.
  • Deep cleaning with our rotary extractor is included FREE!

We're Ready When You Are!

What method do you use?

The method we used is most commonly referred to as steam cleaning, but it can also be referred to as hot water extraction. Steam is definitely present, but it doesn’t affect the cleaning process just because it's steam. The key to the process is that the water must be very hot.  Water is also nature’s best cleaning agent, period.  By using it super hot and at a good pressure, we ensure that all of the grimy, oily stains (not to mention allergens and dust mites) are completely wiped out of your home.  If you'd like a detailed explanation of our cleaning process, check out our carpet cleaning page.

What is the best method?

We've tried all of the industry approved cleaning methods since we started in 1992, and by far the best method for most carpet is hot water extraction, which is also referred to as "steam cleaning". That's not only our opinion (since we also do various types of dry cleaning when necessary), Shaw and Mohawk (the two largest carpet manufacturers out there) both recommend hot water extraction for the vast majority of their products. As a matter of fact they require it in order to maintain their warranties. So, don’t believe what you hear about hot water extraction causing mold and being dangerous.  That is nonsense.  

Do you pre-treat first?  What about treatments for allergies?

Yes. Pre-treating carpet is one of the main pillars of our "cleaning formula".  Any cleaning service business should include this in even the most basic service. And just an FYI, our carpet pre-treatment is green and safe for you and your family.

Also, we are the only carpet cleaning company in Tampa that provides a Sanitizer specifically formulated for carpet that can be applied to kill any bacteria, dust mites, fungus, and pollen.  Check out our Sanitizing For Allergies and Asthma page for more information.

Are the cleaning solutions safe for our kids and pets?

Absolutely! The two main components to avoid and to be worried about are cleaning solutions with butyl and VOCs. The stuff we use contains neither and is 100% safe, so there is nothing to be concerned about.  We also have MSDS sheets for all of our cleaning solutions, available upon request.

Do you move furniture?

We will move all small items off of the floor before we begin cleaning.  That includes things like trash bins, pillow, office chairs, dining room chairs, and other small items that are on the floor.  We also make sure to tuck in bed-skirts that are touching the floor and will also tie-up drapes that are touching the floor.  

We can move larger furniture items like sofas, night stands, coffee tables at a nominal charge.  Let us know what items you would like for us to move and we'll include it in our scope of service.  Items we cannot move are large or sensitive items like TV/Entertainment Centers, China Cabinets, Pianos, Etc.

If you would like to move furniture items yourself, you can also do that, but furniture should be moved before the technician arrives, and cannot be moved by the homeowner during the cleaning process. 

Why aren’t you blocking up all of the furniture?

It is only necessary to block furniture legs that will be sitting on damp carpet. If we move your coffee table and clean underneath, and move it back in place, the legs will get blocked. If we don’t move the coffee table and just clean around it, it does not need to be blocked up. Some items simply never need blocks. For instance most office chairs have plastic wheels, and some children’s play items are made up entirely of plastic, so it is not necessary to block those items.
Getting Your Questions Answered?      If Not....

What are the black edges on my carpet along walls and under doorways?

These dark edges are a common problem found in modern buildings called soil filtration lines. Basically the carpet acts as a filter and traps tiny particles of dirt out of the air as it’s forced under walls and doors.  These can be difficult to remove, and are categorized as a "Stain". Check out our Carpet Stains & Solutions page to learn more about filtration lines and other difficult staining situations.

Will you remove all my stains?

Our premium cleaning service includes attempting to remove every single "spot" that we find.  When we run into carpet "stains", those are a totally different ball game.  Stains require additional work, cleaning solutions, and time to treat.  We'll do our best to remove them, but cannot guarantee that they will be removed completely or at all.  Check out our Carpet Stains & Solutions page to learn more about carpet stain removal.

Why do the same stains reappear over and over?

There are two reasons why spots come back up.  One is that a sticky soap residue was never properly rinsed out of the carpet when someone tried to clean the spot.  This usually happens when using over the counter products and too much product is applied and not properly extracted from the carpet.  As a result, a foamy mess is left that dirt will inevitably stick too creating a dark spot.

The second reason is that the staining material has soaked deep into the backing or padding of the carpet, and even through the stain may look like it's gone away after cleaning, the material that is under the carpet will find it's way back up to the surface by way of capillary action.  
Let us know, depending on the staining material, we may be able to take care of both of these situations of returning spots.
  • Tons Of Freebies!

    Deodorizer, Protector, Deep Cleaning...And MORE!

  • Family Owned & Operated

    Feel Confident Having Us In Your Home!

  • Never Fear!

    We Are Bonded And Insured!

  • Top Of The Line Equipment

    Powerful Truckmount Cleaning

Why should I have my carpet cleaned?

Shaw and Mohawk, the leading carpet manufacturing companies recommend getting carpets professionally cleaned using hot water extraction (steam cleaning) annually.  It is part of their warranty requirements.  Also, beyond all of that, your allergies will be better, small shards of soil that literally scratch your carpet like sand paper will be removed giving you longer lasting carpets, your visitors will be jealous of your clean floors, you’ll feel better about your home, it will smell better, and it helps local family owned businesses like ours provide great jobs to the superb people from our own Tampa community.  What can be better than that?!

How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

Basically, it depends on the number of people, pets, and the amount of activity in a home.  That being said, once a year is the norm. The industry recommendation is twice a year but not everyone has it done that often. Some of our customers call us every year, while others have us on a program to come out every 3 months.  It really just depends on the situation. 

Does cleaning carpet make it wear out faster?

No! It does just the opposite!  Regular cleaning will keep your carpet from wearing out prematurely. By not cleaning it allows those small shards of jagged soil to build up, and they literally scratch your carpet like sandpaper as you walk over it day in, day out.  Carpet abrasion cannot be cleaned out, so that is why a thorough professional cleaning will remove all of those carpet shredding soils.  And we always recommend reapplying 3M Scotchgard Protector in order to get back to the manufacturer specifications (as it was when it was new).  Our Premium protector soaks into each individual fiber, filling the nooks and crannies caused by scratching soil. It makes the carpet look soft, full, and fluffy again, and fully protects it against soils until the next cleaning.

Does cleaning carpet make it get dirty faster?

There was a time in the past when this was true, which is why it is in this FAQ (we get this question from time to time).  In the past, carpets were almost always cleaned with solutions made from oil-based material.  It made the carpet look good for a while, but the sticky soap residue that got left behind attracted dirt like a magnet, so in only a month or two the carpet looked dirty again.
That was 35 years ago! Today, if a carpet re-soils quickly then something is not right with how it was cleaned. If a carpet is cleaned properly, it should never get dirty faster. We take our time, and doing so eliminates any mistakes and minimizes any problems that may arise.

Does your process restore the original feel of my carpet?

We have a lot of customers that say they want the carpet to feel soft and fluffy as it was when it was new.  A proper cleaning with soft/clean water, no residue left behind, and a rapid dry time will leave carpet feeling that way. If it happens to feel “crunchy” at all after cleaning, running the vacuum over the carpet will often soften it right up. Carpet is a textile, and much like a towel that has dried out on a clothes line (instead of inside a drying machine), it might feel a little stiff until you start to use it.

Can you get rid of cat pee odor?

We can help clean certain instances of cat pee stains and odors.  The odor removal tends to be the more difficult part of the cleaning.  Our topical treatment can help with the situation, but many times we have noticed that deeply embedded odors can be pretty much impossible to remove.  We can take steps with our Level 2 Pet Treatment that may include more involved steps to remedy the situation.  These include replacing the carpet padding, treating the underside of the carpet, treating or replacing any contaminated carpet tack strips around the wall, and then deep cleaning the carpet with our saturation pet solution.  Every situation is different, so it may require different levels of approach.  We are always willing to give it our best shot!

I found urine spots with my black light. Will they still glow after you treat them?

It is very likely that they will. Urine contains a protein that invisibly stains the carpet and can only be seen with a UV light. We can totally flush out all the contamination, but the protein staining will remain.  Although, there is no more urine in that area after we treat and clean. Even though it will glow under the light, there is no more urine there.  The glowing material left behind is as harmless as the invisible ink that is used to stamp hands at certain public events (and fluoresce under a black light).

How often should I have my furniture cleaned?

At least once a year, or until it really starts to get funky. This could mean that you clean them every 6 months, or every few years. However, there is one thing to think about: If you could see all the dust mites that are living in your upholstered furniture you would be horrified!  Adding our sanitizer in conjunction with our truck-mount steam cleaning water will do the trick to get them out of your house!

Should I have fabric protector applied after having my upholstery cleaned?

We always highly recommend Premium 3M Scotchgard Protector for all textile materials.  This is especially important if you allow your pets and/or eating on your furniture. Like a wax on a car, fabric protector provides an invisible shield against dirt. It will help block food and drink spills, body oils from pets and humans, and even regular dust. 
When Ready To Schedule...

Will your cleaning service help relieve my allergies?

Yes. Although, the contaminants that cause allergies are constantly invading your space and they will find their way back to you. If you are especially sensitive to allergies, please ask us about our "For Carpet ONLY" sanitizer, which breaks down and kills even the slightest hint of fungus, mold, dust mites, and bacteria in the carpet.

What surface is better for allergies: hardwood or carpet?

People with allergies are under the impression that switching to hardwood floors will help improve their allergies.  Quite the opposite!  Carpet offers better protection because the allergen particles settle into the carpet, which acts like a large filter.  With hardwood, those allergen particles will constantly be floating in the air as people are walking around and as fans and air conditioning is turned on.  Just make sure to get your carpets cleaned regularly (and add our sanitizer), and you will be protecting yourself from constant allergen exposure.  We clean wood and tile, so we don't have a bias here with regards to cleaning carpet.  In fact, per the EPA, as long as carpet is regularly sanitized and cleaned, carpet is much better at controlling your allergies than hardwood or tile floor.

Is your cleaning machine noisy?

Most of the noise is at our truck outside where our industrial cleaning machine is. Inside your home, the noise is comparable to a hair dryer running. It’s not obnoxiously loud, but you won’t be disappointed when we are done and out of your hair!

My carpet is pretty old. Should I look at having it replaced?

We'll give you our honest opinion.  There is no reason for us to try and clean a carpet that will not look much better because it is frayed, torn, or severely abraded.  We've saved thousands of carpets from being replaced, and we can do some pretty amazing things, but we will not hesitate to tell you if we think the best solution is replacement.  

What can I use to clean spots with?

We provide you with a bottle of our famous Spot Out carpet spotter using for removing spots in your carpet.  But, better yet, why not sign up for our 6-month Spot & Spill Warranty!  If the bottle of carpet spotter doens't remove the spot, just give us a call and we'll take care of the spot...for FREE.  Make sure to include Premium 3M Scotchgard protector with your service and we'll get you signed up on our 6 month Spot & Spill Warranty! 
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