Carpet Sanitizing For Allergies and Asthma

Carpet Sanitizing For
Allergies & Asthma
Do you have family members who are sensitive to allergies or have issues with Asthma?  Living in Florida, we are also prone to having our homes easily attract pollens, as well as light spores of fungus and mold due to the high humidity outside.  All of these contaminants settle their way down into the carpet and can grow and multiply creating issues with allergy sufferers.  Did you also know that if you haven't had your carpets cleaned in a while, the accumulation of dead hair and skin in the carpet can begin to attract microscopic dust mites that can multiply in the millions?  They feed off of that dead skin and hair, and if you have pets they also feed off of the dander from pets.  While the dust mites do not pose a major risk themselves, they do leave behind A LOT of fecal matter, which is breathed in by humans and may cause severe allergies.  Plus, it's just disgusting knowing that you may have an infestation of those disgusting dust mites in your home!  

Babysoft Carpet Cleaning is the only carpet cleaning company in Tampa that provides a Sanitizer specifically formulated for carpet that can be applied to kill any bacteria, dust mites, fungus, and pollen in the carpet.  (Unlike the some large national carpet cleaners that profess to be allergy and asthma friendly, we actually deliver the goods here [sanitizer is approved by the EPA: EPA Reg. 70385-7]).  We apply the sanitizer as the very first step in the preconditioning process, which helps the sanitizer effectively penetrate the carpet fibers, and do it's job eliminating contaminants.  Then we begin our standard cleaning process using our tried and testing 4-step cleaning formula.

Be sure to add carpet sanitizer when you book your service with us online, or just to mention it to your technician at the time of service.  At only $10 per room, our sanitizer is the best deal and our most recommended service for getting your carpets "Cleaner Than Clean"!
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