Carpet Stains and Solutions

Carpet Stains and Solutions
Specialty stains require extra attention, special solutions and processes, as well as extra time to treat.  Many stains may have permanently set into the pile and will be impossible to remove.  Some stains may partially come out, depending on the staining material and how long they have been in the carpet.  Specialty stains include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Bleach
  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Rust
  • Gum
  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Mustard
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Furniture Wood Stains
  • Kool-Aid (or other colored drinks and juices)
  • Filtration Lines (along walls and under doorways)  

Each instance of staining must be reviewed by the technician, and they will determine the amount of materials and the amount of time it will take to properly treat  the stain.  Quotes will be provided for the removal of each individual stain (or group of stains).  You will only be charged the full amount of the stain removal quoted if the stain is removed by more than 50%.  Bleach stains will be dyed as closely to the surrounding carpet color as possible. 
Here are just some of the specialty stains we can try to remove for you!
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