Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning
Babysoft Carpet Cleaning’s Dust-Free Wood Floor Clean & Re-coat
Babysoft Carpet Cleaning has partnered with Basic Coatings, a trusted leader in floor refinishing technology since the 1950s, to offer the best dust-free wood floor clean & re-coat system available. Basic Coating's clean & re-coat process is the preferred dust-free method by professional wood floor restoration contractors around the USA.  Our Certified Craftsmen undergo regular training to keep up-to-date on the industry’s “Best Practices” to ensure the most beautiful and durable results possible for your wood floors.  We use low-odor water-based finishes, and the finish is usually dry enough to walk on lightly (in stocking feet) in a little over one hour. Depending on the size and conditions of the service, a typical clean and re-coat can be completed in the same day (no multi-day projects).

Our process will work for solid wood, engineered (pre-finished or factory finished) wood, as well as laminate floors.

Homeowner Wood Flooring Issues
Are your hardwood floors looking dull and lifeless?  Have they lost that clear, crisp look they had when they were new?  Most people dust mop their wood floors and use spray cleaners to keep them relatively clean, just like vacuuming a carpet regularly.  While this helps, you never remove all of the dirt and other contaminates from your floor with a dust mop, and many cleaners contain Acrylic Waxes that can build up over time and trap these soils causing your wood floor’s finish to become cloudy and dull.  These Acrylic Waxes cannot be removed using regular cleaning procedures, and in order to cover-up the issue, most people simply continue to apply more store-bought cleaners and polishes (Bona, Orange-Glo, Etc.), which only makes the flooring look worse in the long run.
Intensive Clean and Re-coat
We offer the “Clean and Re-coat” System from Basic Coatings.  The heart of this cleaning process is the KARCHER cleaning machine. The KARCHER applies a solution called I.F.T. (Intensive Floor Treatment), then gently scrubs your floor removing all of the dirt, grease, and other contaminates that may have been left behind by other cleaners and polishes. The machine then captures the dirty solution in its recovery tank. A second pass is then done over your floor with the KARCHER, but this time with a pH neutral solution called Squeaky that helps neutralize the floor and gets it ready for the finish. Your floors are now clean and contaminate free.  If you choose, we can apply a urethane dressing finish called "Refinisher" in either Matte or Gloss to give your floors an extra layer of protection and a nice clean look.     

Tykote Dust-Free Recoating and Premium Finish
If your floors have minor scratching and/or you would like the ultimate protection for your floors, Babysoft Carpet Cleaning can apply a layer of Basic Coating’s Tykote bonding agent (after the cleaning procedure mentioned above) and then a new coat of Basic Coating’s "Easy-Street" premium floor finish. This finish is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, or Super-Matte, and provides top of the line durability and protection for your wood flooring, and makes the floor absolutely "pop"!   
Note: The cleaning process using the Karcher and Basic Coatings IFT can also be used on laminate floors, linoleum, cork, and even in some cases, ceramic floor tile and stone. Please contact us for all of your solid floor cleaning and protection needs!

Wood Floor Clean Recoat Chart
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Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Tampa
Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Tampa
Tykote Dust Free Wood Floor Refinishing
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