Odor Control Service

Odor Control Service
We use both strong and effective Ozone, as well as a safe and eco-friendly Essential Oils process for deodorizing your home or place of business rooms / offices / open spaces.  Depending on the severity of the odors and whether people will or will not be present during the treatment allows us the flexibility to select a professional deodorizing process to suit your needs and to combat the specific type of odor that is creating the issue.   

The most common residential and commercial use for ozone is removing offensive smells and odors from the air and in porous materials like fabrics, cushions, and drapes. The odors vary (smoke, mold, mildew, pet smells, etc) and homes or places of business vary, so the precise treatment (application and duration) can change according to the specific situation. 

We will take a look at the space to be deodorized and determine the appropriate level of ozone or natural & safe essential oil treatment to be applied.  Contact us to get more information and a detailed explanation of how this service is performed.   
Ozone Deodorizing
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