Pet Odor & Pet Stain Removal

Pet Odor & Stain Removal
Do you have the perfect cat or dog who has those little accidents indoors?  It's not their fault!  Plus, we can help! Our pet service is broken into two categories, depending on the severity and type of soiling. 

Pet urine accidents on carpet or upholstery turns into a sticky, oily substance that is nearly impossible for homeowners to remove. Our LEVEL ONE pet treatment service includes our topical treatment that digests and dissolves urine from the surface and deep into the carpet, while our LEVEL TWO service requires us to go even deeper into the carpet and under the surface of the carpet to treat it more aggressively.  Our LEVEL 2 treatment will need to be quoted on-site, since it requires more than just a basic topical treatment. Contact us for more information or to set-up an appointment.

We offer out Level 1 Topical Pet Treatment for only $20 Per room and covers all stains and odors in the room.
Pet Treatment
  1. Topically treat pet spots using our pet treatment solution that will digest and dissolve the ammonia salts left behind from dried urine accidents
  2. Using our truckmount equipment, we flush our and extract the soiling from the carpet surface
  3. Apply deodorizer to begin converting all mal-odors in the carpet
  4. Set-up our quick dry fans to begin the drying process
  5. This service is done in coordination with our regular carpet cleaning 
Pet Treatment
  1. For severe problems, we have to move to our LEVEL TWO pet treatment that includes aggressively treating the carpet, pulling the carpet up to treat the underside of the carpet, the padding, as well as the tack strip. 
  2. There may even be cases where replacing the padding must be done. 
 **We are a full service carpet repair company, so we can have everything properly reinstalled after the LEVELTWO cleaning is done. We will then also deodorize and dry the carpet as in our LEVEL ONE pet treatment service. While our LEVEL TWO service costs extra, it is still much cheaper than buying new carpets.
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