Premium Scotchgard Protector

Premium Scotchgard Protector
While our encapsulant protector is applied is applied on every cleaning service we perform and helps protect the carpet from re-soiling due to wick back staining, our Premium Original 3M Scothcgard Carpet Protector offers top-of-the-line protection that is requested by the leading carpet manufacturers.  It will help keep day-to-day soils and accidental spills from clinging onto the the carpet fibers, and helps keep the sharp and jagged soils of the fibers that can lead to abrasion and shorten the life of your carpets considerably.  Plus, by applying our Scotchgard Protection, you will automatically be signed-up for our 6-month Spot and Spill Warranty.  You can select Premium Scotchgard Protector when you book online, or just ask your technician to provide you with a demo and a quote when they arrive.

At only $20 Per Room we offer one of the lowest prices on Original 3M Scotchgard Protector in the Tamp Bay Area!  Go to our Online Booking and Estimate page to learn more!
Applying 3M Scotchgard
  1. Only original 3M Scotchgard Protector is applied after our carpet cleaning process is complete 
  2. Per manufacturer's specifications, the protector is prepared fresh on-site and applied topically to the carpet
  3. Using a carpet groomer, we groom the carpet to help the protector spread evenly over the entire carpet fiber in order to achieve total coverage
  4. As usual, our quick dry fans are applied to start the drying process
Authorized Professional Scotchgard Applicator Carpet
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