Upholstery & Leather Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning
Whether you have upholstery that is dressed in cotton, poly or microfiber, Babysoft knows how to professionally clean and care for your pieces. We’ve cleaned many items of furniture over the years, and we have the experience to know exactly how to clean each piece. We have salvaged many pieces that owners thought were beyond cleaning. We can fix issues with upholstery as well, so if you need help with ink, vomit, mold, pet hair, pet urine, food stains or just plain dirty upholstery pieces, contact us and we'll get back to you with a solution.  

We can also clean, condition, and protect all of you protected and aniline  leather furniture as well.
  1. Carefully vacuum any loose debris
  2. Gently pre-treat any tough spots
  3. Apply a specialized pH-balanced fabric shampoo and brush it into the fabric.
  4. Steam rinse and extract all cushions & pillows and arm covers with hot, clean water (includes FREE Encapsulant Protector)
    1. Premium 3M Scotchguard Protector is available for an additional charge)
  5. Re-treat any remaining tough spots, if necessary
  6. Arrange cushions & pillows and set-up our quick dry fans for immediate drying (this is a critical step in upholstery cleaning)
Professional Upholstery Cleaning Tampa
Upholstery Cleaning Tampa
Professional Leather Sofa Chair Cleaning Tampa
For Leather
  1. Carefully vacuum any loose debris
  2. Gently apply leather cleaner to surface to agitate and loosen oily soils
  3. Extract cleaning solution from leather surface
  4. Apply a specially formulated leather conditioner to keep the leather supple and to prevent future cracking 
  5. Apply leather protector to create a barrier that will help protect against future soiling
  6. Our process is only for the cleaning of protected or aniline leathers; we do not clean nubuck or suede materials
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